K-9 Detection Services



Premier Security is proud to announce we are now able to provide K-9 Explosive Detection & Narcotics Detection Services.  Premier has added this service because of a large demand from the clients of its Executive Protection Division.  The canines are certified annually though the Global Training Academy which is registered with the DEA and ATF for the use of real life narcotics and explosives for a higher standard of training.  Premier feels that explosive detection and drug detection dogs are a vital importance in today's security measures.  Unlike law enforcement agencies Premiers main goal is to deter the illegal presence of narcotics and send a clear message to a would be assailant that Premier utilizes state of the art tools and technology to protect its principals. 

Narcotics Detection

Premier has secured three highly trained narcotics dogs (Tosca, Jerry & Saleena).  Narcotics detection is widely used in public and private schools.  Many of these schools took advantage of our ability to hold a cost free seminar for the students and staff with the goal of having both become familiar with our K-9 Teams.  This takes away a lot of the nervousness of the students and ads in deterring the illegal presence of narcotics or firearms in the first place.  Premier K-9 gives you the option of adding protection without adding costly equipment or manpower.  Premier K-9 also uses its explosive detection dogs to detect ammoniation in schools helping to prevent school violence.  Premier K-9 operates on a thoroughly professional and confidential basis.  If a student brings his or her drug habit along with their lunch bag or a students locker holds a gun as well as their books Premier K-9 Teams will be able to assist it getting it removed from your premises 

Explosive Detection

Because Premier is the leader in Executive Protection we have secured three highly trained dogs (Reggie, Chiquita & Goofy) to be able to provide detection service for a longer time then any other agency.  Most agencies only have access to one dog and they can only work that dog for a average of 30 minutes before having to break.  With access to 3 dogs Premier can rotate them around allowing us to work three times longer.  Premier puts their dogs though four hours of maintenance training weekly to ensure they are ready at a moments notice.  You can hire Premier K-9 explosive detection teams to sweep hotel rooms, parking garages, concerts, aircraft, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, schools, government buildings, large events etc... 



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